After a Mexican TV Personality Made Homophobic Remarks About BTS, Their Fans Responded by Being Even More Homophobic

“It’s almost pride month, so why not be homophobic on Mexican television now, before that starts,” was clearly the thought Horacio Villalobos had during the episode of Farandula 40 when he said the members of BTS, the world’s most popular boy band, look like “an LGBT group lost in Cancun” and compared them to performers at a gay bar.

Villalobos also said the group looked like lesbian truckers, I assume because of their short hair, collared shirts and mom jeans which… okay, maybe we can give him a pass on that one. But really, it’s pretty easy to tell they’re not lesbians, there’s seven of them and none of them are living with someone they met less than a month ago.

After an outrage occurred over his remarks, which were, let’s face it, pretty homophobic, Villalobos apologized to BTS’s fans “if they were offended,” which is a standard bullshit apology but also one that doesn’t address what people were mad about.

Nunca fue nuestro propósito en nuestra sección de moda de Farándula 40 ofender a los fans de #BTS Ni a nadie. Si así lo fue, les ofrecemos una sincera disculpa.

Posted by Horacio Villalobos on Monday, May 28, 2018

See, the problem isn’t that he said BTS look gay, they are all beautiful Asian twinks, after all. The problem is that it’s 2018 and he’s making homophobic comments about people based on their appearance, as if being gay is something to be ashamed of, right?

Oh, okay, so people were just mad that he said BTS members look gay and a bit like women. See, it’s bad because it falls outside of the traditional definition of masculinity. And we can’t have people saying that the professional singers we like and their smooth, hairless bodies are anything less than the height of masculinity.

Oh, and just for good measure, someone threw in a “No, you’re the one who’s gay!” Happy Pride Month, people on Twitter saying that there’s no reason for Pride Month because homophobia is over.

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