Eiza Gonzalez Already Tired of Old Josh Duhamel

Eiza Gonzalez no longer wants a lifetime supply of Josh Duhamel’s nacho fries.

The pair has called it quits after five months of dating. A source told People, ‚ÄúTheir work schedules were tough on the relationship.”

Yup, and I’m sure they’re going to remain good friends as well. Another source claims the two “drifted apart.” If only they knew how to tread water.

Duhamel wanted to keep the relationship more low-key because he’s 45, divorced, and has a kid. Gonzalez wanted to take bikini selfies with Duhamel exposing himself in the background because she’s a millennial.

I’m shocked things between these two didn’t work out.

The Transformers star needs himself an older woman who is cool with watching Win a Date with Tad Hamilton on a Friday night. And Gonzalez needs a non-celebrity boyfriend. Regular people with normal work schedules deserve a chance.

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