Heather Locklear Won’t Be Able to Punch People in the Psych Ward

Heather Locklear has been in the news for all the wrong reasons as of late. She’s attacked everyone from her boyfriend to her parents to cops to herself.

Finally, it sounds like she’ll be getting the help she needs.

TMZ reports the Melrose Place star will enter a psychiatric ward in Los Angeles and undergo long-term treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues.

After her latest hospital visit, doctors concluded that Locklear needed help for both substance abuse and mental health, with mental health being the bigger issue of the two. Well, duh. I still don’t know how doctors get paid so much to point out the obvious. Locklear has reportedly been cooperative in entering the program.

Locklear’s family remains worried she won’t follow through. Pshhh, this is a woman who faked her death (on a television show) to get away from her problems. She’ll do whatever it takes.

Courts are unlikely to approve a conservatorship.

It was obvious a month ago when she was beating up her parents and threatening to kill herself that she needed help. The fact that it took this long is honestly a bigger crime than her punching police.

Hopefully things work out for Heather. It’s sad watching my celebrity crush as a six-year-old fall apart so rapidly.

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