Will Arnett Pretends to Be Batman When His Kids Misbehave

I know he only does it in the Lego Batman movies, but Will Arnett is still the second best Batman voice actor ever. He’s just kind of got the perfect voice for it, all gravelly and deep to begin with. Sure, he isn’t Kevin Conroy, but Kevin Conroy can’t just be Batman forever, unfortunately.

It turns out his kids respect The Batman more than their own dad, as Page Six reported Arnett admitted to using his Batman voice to get his sons Archie and Abel to behave.

“I don’t yell at my kids when they’re bad. I just don’t. I don’t believe in it. I will sometimes say, ‘Guys, turn off the iPad,’ and when they don’t, I’m like, [in my Batman voice,] ‘Hey, turn off the iPad.’ And that usually works,” he said at a “Teen Titans Go! to the Movies” event hosted by’s “Mamarazzi” show.

The mother of Arnett’s children is Amy Poehler, and their divorce crushed the spirit of good-natured dorks everywhere. But who can resist the pure animal magnetism of that home-wrecking hussy Nick Kroll. Of course I’m kidding, Amy didn’t start seeing Kroll until well after she and Arnett split, but still… going from being married to The Batman to dating The Douche feels like a downgrade no matter how you slice it.

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