Bella Thorne Allegedly Stole Another Company’s Designs for Her Makeup Line

Bella Thorne has her own makeup line because she’s a female celebrity. It’s like they flip a coin when they hit a certain level of fame. Heads for clothing line. Tails for cosmetics.

The name of the cosmetic line is called Filthy Fangs.

Looks fine to me, but I’m not an eyeshadow expert. Fortunately, plenty of Twitter users are.

Yeah, that looks pretty close. Other customers noticed as well.

Juvia’s Place released a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

“We have no connection with [Thorne’s brand Filthy Fangs]. We are not affiliated with them. Yes we are aware of the painful and awkward similarities. It’s obvious they have done little to no research or they have bluntly stolen our concept which is unacceptable. We believe in originality and the brand you have mentioned lacks that. We have chosen to be light hearted about the situation, after all makeup is supposed to be fun!!”

Bella responded by denying, feigning ignorance, and then praising.

Then, in a coup de grace, she tried to gain sympathy.

Personally, I can’t believe a celebrity would blatantly rip off something, attach their name to it, and then charge two or three times more than the original. Absolutely shocking.

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