Having Small Breasts in Russia Is the Same as Having 12 Toes

Ever heard the saying, “God hates women with small breasts?” I promise it’s a phrase that has been said.

And now, Russia agrees.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service ruled that small breasts are “physical defects” and that an image of a small breasted woman is “an offensive image.”

This all started with an ad produced by Akvilon Invest to promote “small prices and lots of complexes.” The ad showed a woman with small breasts measuring her chest. The construction company was accused of body shaming.

It’s more a case of them being terrible at marketing. But sure, let’s go with body shaming.

They’ve also ran ads of women undressing, stating their “flats are cheaper than renting,” alluding to their homes being cheaper than a prostitute. If that’s the case, the homes probably suck.

Oh, there’s more.

There was also an ad of a large woman with the caption “even the discount is fatter after the holidays.”

See, proof that the company does not body shame. They are just sexist on top of being bad at advertising.

Akvilon Invest face a fine of $7,410 for the small breasted billboard.

I have a new marketing campaign for them.

*Image of an erect penis* “We’ve had to raise our prices to cover the fine.”

Ladies, small breasts are not a physical defect. No matter what Russia and our President say.

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