Kylie Jenner Discovers Milk

Our young lord Kylie Jenner has just discovered a brand new liquid, sure to please the masses.

What is this “milk” she speaks of? Allegedly, it goes on your cereal to help enhance the taste. Amazing. As Kylie explains, we no longer have to eat our cereal dry like those before us.

A fascinating invention. However, there are so many milks to choose from. Which milk shall we use?

Yes, stick with regular. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Now, how do we process this? Do we pour together? Do we eat the cereal then put the milk in our mouths? Please, Kylie, we must know.

Ah ha. Cereal in the bowl first. Then pour milk over it. Truly innovative. How come we have never thought of this?

All we had to do was….give it a chance? Amazing. How could we be so blind as to not give this a chance earlier? Shame. Shame on us for being so blind to what was right in front of us. We do not deserves the things our young lord has now bestowed upon us. Please, Kylie. Will you forgive us for not doing this work for you? This is all we ask.

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