Former Porn Star Sunny Leone Is Getting a Wax Statue in India

Can you wax a wax statue? Can you make a wax statue out of the wax they give you a Brazilian with? The answer to these questions might be closer than you think as Madame Tussaud’s in New Delhi is unveiling a wax statue of former porn star Sunny Leone.

Leone made her Bollywood debut in the film Jism 2. Jism is the Indian word for body and the English word for what she was covered in at the end of all of her previous films.

After Body 2, Leone has appeared in some 30 Bollywood movies and Indian television shows, which is probably a reduction in workload from the thousands of direct-to-internet videos she used to film.

The fact that Leone acts about as well as you’d expect a porn star to act hasn’t stopped her rise to stardom in the conservative sexually repressed country of India; Leone is the most-Googled person in India. I wonder what people in India could be hoping to find on the internet featuring Sunny Leone…

This wax statue is going to be up a week before a group of dudes steal it and gangbang it on a train, isn’t it? We all know it’s going to happen. I hope they have a back-up statue somewhere.

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