Fran Drescher Is Really Trying to Bring ‘The Nanny’ Back With Cardi B as the Star

Fran Drescher has offhandedly mentioned in the past that she would be interested in bringing back her 1990’s vehicle The Nanny with Cardi B playing her daughter. It seems like a good casting choice since Cardi and Drescher both have unique voices, they look a bit alike and they’re both way further to the left politically than you’d imagine. Seriously, read Fran Drescher’s Twitter sometime, in between appearance announcements and promoting charities it’s all “Workers of the world unite and bring back the guillotine for bourgeois elites!”

Anyway, Fran has apparently gone from this reboot being something she’d like to do to something she’s actively in talks to do, something she confirmed on Extra in an interview with Mario Lopez.

The 61-year-old said, “She started it because she kind of paid homage to me, putting our pictures side by side when she was wearing animal print and it was me in animal from ‘The Nanny’ and that just went viral, that got my creative juices going.”

Drescher went on, “She’s got a funny voice, too. Have you ever heard her speak… so what kind of a great mother/daughter would we be? Amazing, I think.”

Cardi B had posted on Instagram that she was down when Fran initially mentioned her idea.

But now Drescher told Mario Lopez she’s talking to Cardi B’s representation about the show, so it’s actually something that could happen.

Little known fact about The Nanny, instead of a traditional studio audience most multicam sitcoms use, the production crew hired extras to watch the show and laugh on cue because Fran Drescher had a stalker she was worried might get into a taping. If the show comes back, they might have to use professional laughers again to keep Nicki Minaj out.

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