See Newsha Syeh, The Model Who Was Too Sexy For The Louvre

Instagram model Newsha Syeh has a lot to be hapy about; she just got married and she’s on her honeymoon in France. But things weren’t all great for her in the city of love, as she claimed on Instagram that she was asked to leave because the guard thought her dress was too revealing.

Yesterday at the Louvre, I was stopped at the entrance by a guard for my outfit. He made the most disgusted and horrible gestures and facial expressions, swore at me to cover up, with hate filled eyes stopped me entering. I was heart broken, because I thought The Louvre enforced this archaic rule. Turns out… it does not.

Yes, she’s right, The Louvre doesn’t have an official dress code. The guard that wouldn’t let her in was either enforcing some unwritten policy that isn’t shared with the public or was just being a dick. I’m leaning towards being a dick.

That doesn’t look too revealing. All her bits are covered, at any rate.

Syeh and her wife weren’t kicked out of all the art galleries in France, at least.

She clearly loves art. Or at least creative use of paints.

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