Seth Rogen Blew the Internet’s Mindhole Wide Open With This ‘Home Alone’ Fact

Did you know that the gangster movie Kevin watches in Home Alone isn’t actually a real movie, it’s something that was filmed specifically as a play-within-a-play to go with the plot of the film. Seth Rogen didn’t find that out until he was an adult, and judging by the reactions to his tweet, a lot of people on Twitter didn’t find out until yesterday.

Yes, that short clip is all that exists of Angels with Filthy Souls, but a lot of people thought it was a scene from a real gangland film.

Look at all those dummies not knowing that a movie ostensibly made in the 1930s was fake. I assumed everyone had an encyclopedic knowledge of every film ever made.

Yeah, like this guy.

Okay, that guy is me. I mean, not literally, that’s not my Twitter account, but that is absolutely me at every party. I mean, it was, I don’t get invited to parties anymore.

Even Captain America was just finding this out.

There’s lots of things you probably don’t know about Christmas movies. Like, did you know the little girl Liam Neeson’s stepson likes in Love Actually was Marceline the Vampire Queen on Adventure Time? Or that the kid from A Christmas Story plays an elf in Elf? And Jack Frost was actually made because Michael Keaton was $50,000 in debt to the Russian mafia because he made a large bet that The Undertaker would lose to Sid Vicious at Wrestlemania 13 after spending all his movie star money hiring Neal Adams to travel around the country and draw his face into old issues of Batman. People don’t know that one but it’s the only logical explanation.

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