Meet Brittany Matthews, Gorgeous Girlfriend of NFL Superstar Patrick Mahomes

If we’re all very lucky, in about a week we’ll all gather around our televisions and see Patrick Mahomes lead the Chiefs to victory against the Patriots and Tom Brady will suffer a career-ending punch to the dick. And when Mahomes is Super Bowl MVP, he won’t kiss his kids on the lips because he doesn’t have any and he’s not a creepy weirdo. Instead, it looks like he’ll be kissing his girlfriend, fitness model Brittany Matthews. Here’s what you need to know about her.

She’s Also a Pro Football Player

While boyfriend Mahomes is hopefully leading the Chiefs to victory against the hated Patriots, Matthews, 23, plays for the Icelandic women’s soccer club UMF Afturelding/Fram. While most football fans can picture Mahomes as Super Bowl MVP, I’m sure Brittany Matthews pictures championships in both of their futures.

She Likes to Embarrass Her Boyfriend on Social Media

In addition to all the pictures of the couple on Brittany Matthews’ Instagram, she gives fans the inside dirt on Mahomes on Twitter.

She’s a Personal Trainer

You don’t get a body like Matthews by accident, she has to hit the gym and stay in shape.

She and Mahomes are High School Sweethearts

Part of the reason Matthews and Mahomes seem so natural together is they’ve been together for ages, despite being in their early 20s. The couple actually started dating in high school.

That’s a much cuter story than “I got super rich and dumped my wife for a supermodel” if you ask me.

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3 years ago

Show me a beautiful woman and I’ll show you a man sick of f$cking her. Once he’s on the road and partying and getting recognized he’ll dump her off with a kid and do everything lawyely possible to avoid paying her any money

He’s smart so far, no ring on her finger.

Burn the coal, pay the toll