Local TV News Graphics Guy Unjustly Fired For Calling Cheater Tom Brady A Cheater

Tom Brady is a cheater. I can say that because Tom Brady was suspended for four games by the NFL for systemic cheating by deflating game balls to make them easier to catch. But you put that fact, which is 100% true, on a chyron on the local news you get fired, probably because Bill Belichick paid off the station manager like they were a referee.

Yes, this is the sad fate that befell Michael Telek of KDKA News in Pittsburgh over the humorous chyron he put on the screen in this package about the Super Bowl. Telek explained his decision to Deadspin.

We get these packages that come down from corporate and it was just like, Here are the two teams in the Super Bowl, pretty boring. So I wrote the intro about the six rings and then changed it up. I mean, it’s Pittsburgh, we hate the Patriots, we hate Tom Brady, so it was a little wink for fans. Then I kept going on with my day. After the news, I left at 5 p.m.

Man, remember when the news was on at 6 p.m.? Now the local news runs from noon until prime time, only taking a break for an extra three hours of Today. But I digress.

Everyone does hate the Patriots. At least everyone with a soul. And CBS not having a sense of humor about this is such a bummer. I’m sure Michael will land on his feet, though. He’s obviously smart, tuned in, and knows that hating Tom Brady is good.

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