Chris Brown Drags Cardi B Into Feud with Offset

So, it looks like Chris Brown is back to doing what he does best. Making new music, you ask? Oh, you silly goose, you. Of course not! We all know that Chris Brown’s real “talent” lies in fist fighting, hating women, feuding with celebrities, and being a well-rounded piece of s**t.

Quick recap. Rapper 21 Savage was deported back to the UK (it was news to most that he was actually from England), so Chris Brown decided to make some cracks on Instagram, earning a rebuke from Offset. And Brown (because he’s Chris Brown) responded in his usual gracious and rational Chris Brown-way.

Yeah. Like that.

In addition to challenging Offset, Brown decided to further insult Offset’s manhood by dragging his wife, Cardi B into the fray:

“Ima [sic] send ya [sic] girl flowers so she know I respect her.”

First of all, it was entirely unnecessary for drag Cardi B into this dumbass fight. And secondly, c’mon, Chris Brown. We already know that there is no woman (and possibly no human being) on earth you actually respect, so don’t even deign to imagine that you’re fooling anyone.

Naturally, Queen Cardi B is not amused. According to a Hollywood Life source, Cardi finds Brown’s token of respect, very disrespectful indeed:

“Cardi also doesn’t like that Offset is being spoken about. She finds the whole thing disrespectful. She’s already having a lot of emotions going into Grammy night that she didn’t really need to be dealing with this right now.”

“Offset also feels that Chris Brown took this too far but his comments involving Cardi as she has nothing to do with this.”

I would not actually want to see a fight between these two because I don’t think Brown should be encouraged. But Brown is really nothing but a bully and will go after people he thinks he can really hurt (hence, why he his victims are often women). So, there is a part of me that would like to one day see Brown get his ass handed to him by somebody, just to shut this punk up and make him realize he’s not nearly as tough as he thinks.

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