Joy Behar, Rob Lowe Join America’s Hottest Trend: Racism

There’s a new fad sweeping the nation and celebrities and politicians alike are jumping in line to get onboard. It’s called “being racist” and it’s much more popular than you may have believed.

The current trend started in Virginia when Governor Ralph Northam’s college yearbook page emerged, showing a picture of a man in blackface next to a man in a klan hood at a party. Northam denied being either of those men, he just put it on his yearbook page because he’s a racism enthusiast. But then state’s Attorney General Mark Herring also admitted he had worn blackface in college. And though Northam and Herring are both Democrats, this hot new trend was the one thing that reached across the aisle, as the Virginia State Senate Majority Leader, Republican Thomas K. Norment Jr., also had some college photos of him in blackface emerge.

While discussing the issue of blackface on The View in 2016, Joy Behar revealed that she had also worn blackface to a Halloween party, but her blackface was much classier so it’s okay. 

To be fair to Joy, that is not exactly the same as Governor Al Jolson of Virginia, but it’s still not a good look.

Black people are the only ones people are being racist against as both politicians and celebrities were also being racist towards Native Americans.

This story starts with Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is running for President in 2020, and her Native American heritage. Warren has a Native American ancestor, but it’s several generations back. She took a DNA test which proved she had said ancestor, and about half a percent of her DNA is Native American. This has somewhat backfired on Warren, who has used this to claim Native American heritage, but she’s not involved in any way in the tribe she’s descended from. It’s kind of like a bit from South Park.

Warren really shot herself in the foot here, but no one out-racists Donald Trump.

Yeah, just the US President making a joke about the Trail of Tears. Normal day. We don’t live in the worst of all possible timelines, it’s a coincidence pointed Van Dykes are in now.

Rob Lowe has a new show on NBC, so he read that tweet and thought “man, I have to get in on this,” though he later thought better of it and deleted it. But the internet never forgets, Rob.

He also doesn’t know what an Oxford comma is.

So it’s been a crazy weekend. But one thing that’s for certain is that racism is still our national pastime, which isn’t great, but it’s still easier to watch that baseball.

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