9021-Oh No! Luke Perry Suffers Massive Stroke

Bad news for 90210 fans everywhere. Luke Perry suffered a massive stroke today. TMZ reports emergency services were called to his Sherman Oaks home. They then took him to a nearby hospital because he had a huge stroke. No details yet what caused it.

The 52-year-old Perry is known as Fred Andrews, Archie’s Dad, on Riverdale. His biggest claim to fame though was being part of the teen series Beverly Hills 90210 back in the 1990’s.

90210 recently was in talks to reboot, but Perry’s stroke has something to say about that. The entireĀ 90210 cast was filmed in December grabbing coffee and meeting with writers, producers and reps for Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.

How will they reboot 90210 without Luke Perry? Perhaps they could actually write his stroke into the storyline. That first episode will do massive ratings.

They even wanted to remake about theĀ remaking of 90210.

This is bad news for Tori Spelling also. She and husband Dean McDermott are always one late credit card payment away from bankruptcy it seems. They recently met up with their bank over a $205,000 debt. I bet $180,000 of that was for plastic surgery.

There were even rumors that she was going to release a sex tape to get some money.

Thoughts and prayers to Luke Perry for a quick recovery, so that we don’t have to see Tori Spelling naked.

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