Marshmello Held an In-Game Concert in Fortnite

Hey, you know the game Fortnite? The game that’s partially responsible for spawning millions of those insufferable videos of kids flossing and doing other dance moves? Yea, well they partnered with one of the bigger producers in EDM, Dotcom, I mean, Marshmello, for an in-game concert.

It went pretty well thanks to the fact that Epic Games disabled weapons and put other policies in place that’d stop people from ruining the experience for others. And if this concert is any indication, you can expect labels to take notice and start charging entrance fees for virtual concerts inside of video games. That way you can choose to either pay $80 to go to a real Marshmello concert or maybe $5 to go to an in-game concert where, instead of actually dancing, you choose what dance moves you want your avatar to do. Not only that, but this way when you’re partying with a bunch of preteens, you can do it without all the judgement.

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