Police Shot Bay Area Rapper 25 Times After He Violently Slept In His Car

20-year-old rapper Willie McCoy, known in the Bay Area by his stage name Willie Bo, was killed at a Taco Bell drive-thru by Vallejo police on February 9. On Tuesday, a lawyer for McCoy’s family said he was shot 25 times while sitting in his car. Bullets hit his chest and arm, the center of his face and throat, and blew off part of his ear.

Reading the report, there was a reason why police put more bullets in him than a zombie on The Walking Dead. You see, McCoy, had been in the studio that day recording before he went to Taco Bell for a bite to eat. Exhausted, he fell asleep with a loaded .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun with an extended magazine in his lap because nothing good ever happens at a Taco Bell at 10:30 pm. Getting a crunchy chalupa at that hour is just asking for trouble.

Employees called police after they saw him slumped behind the wheel with the engine running. Six cops surrounded his Mercedes-Benz. According to police, his door was locked when they tried to get the gun from his lap before he woke up. Clearly, that didn’t work because McCoy then woke up. Police say they ordered him to “put his hands up” and that’s when he “quickly moved his hands” towards his gun. “Fearing for their safety,” all 6 cops naturally unloaded into McCoy like it was a North Korean firing squad. He died at the scene.

Not surprisingly, the reasons police gave for their use of excessive force did not add up.

  1. McCoy was asleep
  2. There’s no proof his door was locked
  3. The front passenger’s side window was already broken with a sheet of plastic covering it. If cops were really trying to retrieve his gun, they could have, I don’t know, reached through there and got it? Or at least unlocked the door.
  4. They shot him almost 25 times. I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of excessive.
  5. Why didn’t they take cover while he was sleeping and give commands through their bullhorn?

Those are probably some good questions that no one will answer. So let this serve as a warning. Do not fall asleep at a drive-thru with a loaded semiautomatic in your lap. Also don’t trust Taco Bell. Their employees are snitches.

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4 years ago

I have a lot of problems with the cops’ handling of this incident, at least as related in news reports. But I have to dispute one thing, in this and other stories about shootings: “They shot him almost 25 times. I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of excessive.” Once the police decide that it is necessary to shoot someone, how many shots do you think they should fire? Should they fire one shot, and then wait to see if the suspect shoots back or shoots an innocent bystander? If he does shoot and kill someone, should they then fire one… Read more »