Bella Thorne Showed Off Her Ass in a Bikini to Remind You She’s Still Alive

Bless our little Bella Thorne. No idea what she’s got lined up now that Famous In Love is cancelled. One thing she IS doing is showing off her ass and tits. Because that’s what young starlets do in Hollywood. And yes, I did just use “starlet,” like I’m from the 1940s.

Someone give me some good Thorne rumors. Like that she’s on meth, that would be a good rumor.

Thorne recently broke up with YouTuber Tana Mongeau. Mongeau, meanwhile, is still dating Instagrammer Brad Sousa. Guess Tana got tired of burying her face in Thorne’s hairy armpits. Here are the two in happier times.

Meanwhile, Thorne and Mod Sun are still going strong. Never thought that would last this long. Both showed up at the red carpet for clothing company MCM. If you’re into design, you’ll love this next part.

The duo wore matching bright blue jackets ($875 for hers and $1,890 for his) covered in the brand’s logo. Mod Sun paired his look with ripped white jeans and accessorized with a blue bandana and an oversized fanny pack ($625), while Thorne opted for silky shorts, a white visor ($245) and lime green heels.

*makes wanking motion* Awesome, it’s all about jeans and a sweatshirt for me. Wonder how stained these clothes were after their night together.

Anyway, since you made it this far, creep on Bella’s boobs.

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