Is Barbara Palvin a ‘Plus-Sized’ Model?

There’s a bit of a controversy on the internet around Victoria Secret’s hiring of former Justin Bieber sex-haver Barbara Palvin. It started when a Facebook group called Superficial Doll congratulated Palvin on being the first plus-sized Victoria’s Secret model.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, either. Even we compared her to Ashley Graham who is significantly heavier than Palvin.

Of course, the comments rolled in on Facebook and elsewhere saying that Palvin isn’t actually plus-sized. Sometimes in Spanish.

I think you get the jist of that. For the record 55 kg is 121 pounds. I could bench press her and I’m kind of a pussy. What do you think? Let’s take a look at Palvin’s Instagram like you were hoping we would when you clicked on this story.

I don’t think “plus-size” is the word I’d use. I think I need a second look, though.

I don’t even think she looks heavy for a model. I can’t see her ribs, but damn near.

I guess she has the slightest hint of body fat, but she’s sill fairly slim in my eyes. I think maybe Superficial Doll’s standards are a little off.

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5 years ago

Plus-sized??? Are you f’ing kidding me? Anything more than skin and bones is plus-sized now, huh? SMDH

The Night Slasher
The Night Slasher
5 years ago

Maybe ever so slightly heavier in weight than the waif sized models out there, but she’s certainly not plus sized, nor overweight. This is coming from a guy who likes skinnier women, too.