Malaa Faked His Own Arrest at Bassmnt in San Diego

During Malaa’s set at Bassmnt in San Diego on Saturday night, cops cut his set short and arrested him. Video shows the DJ being cuffed and escorted out of the club.

Of course, this was one big publicity stunt. With releases like Illicit EP and Illegal Mixtape, it was only a matter of time before the whole thing was debunked. And it wasn’t hard to do. For one, cops didn’t take off his mask which is pretty convenient. Standard operating procedure would be to rip off his mask and beat him to the ground while shouting, “Stop resisting!” That didn’t happen.

Second, one of the cops who arrested Malaa shows up in another prank video on YouTube and also shows up as on a talent for hire site. The only shocking thing about this story is that talent website that looks like it was made in 1999.

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4 years ago

Be funny if it turned out it was a real cop who moonlights as an actor in his spare time …

Roland Deschain
Roland Deschain
4 years ago

Who? Never heard of him. No wonder he needs publicity.