Is This Australian Model the Next Emily Ratajkowski?

Australian model Madi Edwards is turning heads. She made the cover of Maxim Australia last year and people are saying she could be the next Emily Ratajkowski. What people? Don’t ask too many questions, look at this picture she just posted on Instagram. It’s definitely a thing I heard, though. Okay, it was Esquire.

Who’s mirror is it, Madi? I need to know. Are you just running around the outback stealing mirrors?

Madi told Maxim that you people are all freaks, by the way

What’s the weirdest thing someone has sent you on social media?
“I get a lot of Instagram DMs asking me to send them my used socks.”


So Byron is the mirror-owner.

Australia is just an entire country full of beautiful women. Which is counterbalanced somewhat by also being full of giant, deadly insects and bears that jump out of trees and divebomb your precious neck meats.

But it’s worth it.

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Jah Reefer
Jah Reefer
4 years ago