71-Year-Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Barely Felt Getting Drop-Kicked in the Back

Do not come for Arnold Schwarzenegger. You might be thinking that the retired action star and former California governor is a soft target now that he’s in his 70s but he will f**k you all the way up.

If you don’t believe me, watch him basically shrug off a full-force flying kick in the back during an event in South Africa.

Arnold is 71. For comparison, Donald Trump is 72 and Democratic front-runners Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are 77 and 76, respectively. Do you think any of those guys could take that kind of kick? All of them would die instantly, and Arnold doesn’t even go down on one knee.

He posted on Twitter about how unphased he was.

That kind of resilience at age 71 has to almost make up for the tiny penis that’s the inevitable result of all that weightlifting.

Seriously, though, look at the reverse-angle video Arnold posted of the incident.

That dude got a running start, leapt into the air and slammed into Arnold when he wasn’t paying attention and he barely moved him. You don’t want to f**k with that guy.

By the way, what the guy was yelling, if you couldn’t make it out, was “Help me, I need a Lamborghini.” Not a great reason to attack the world’s strongest septuagenarian.

Arnold was surprisingly magnanimous about the whole thing.

What a nice guy who could snap your neck with one hand.

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