Irina Shayk Moves on From Bradley Cooper By Taking Sexy Pictures for Instagram

Breakups are always hard, especially when you break up with the voice of a giant talking space raccoon thing that only exists because someone thought of a pun on a Beatles song. It’s not a situation most of us are likely to be in, but Irina Shayk is in it. Luckily for us, she knows just the way to get over even Bradley Cooper.

That’s right, showing off that ass. She’s already got some offers, Lady Gaga’s ex Christian Carino liked this sexy snap out in public. Even celebrities get horny on main sometimes.

Oh what, you think you’re going to do better than this, Bradley? I mean, he probably is, he’s in Marvel movies. But still.

I’d like to press my luck, Bob.

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4 years ago

Cooper prefers dudes, which is fine. Just own it. She was his beard, like she was with Ronaldo. I’m sure the kid got her a huge bonus though.

Also, he needs to stop messing with his face. He looks fake and plastic now. Needs to age more normally.