Kylie Jenner is Naked on Instagram Again, So You Know We’re There

Kylie Jenner is a billionaire, so you’d think she’d be able to afford clothes and not just a giant hat, but here we are.

Kylie is in Turks and Caicos here, which I think is one place despite having an and in the name. This all just advertising for her KylieSkin skincare product line, but, I mean, this is the kind of marketing I can get behind.

Well, maybe the branded private jet is a bit much.

It turns out she did bring some clothes along.

Man, today’s teens are so lucky to have Instagram. When I was a kid if I wanted to jack off to pictures of celebrities in swimsuits I had to buy Maxim or something. I once bought an issue of Us Weekly because it had a Sandra Bullock bikini photo shoot in it back when she was hot. That’s something you don’t want to get to caught with, it’s not like Playboy where you can say you bought it for the articles, jacking off is way less embarrassing than reading Us Weekly.

Now you can just go to a social media website they probably let you use in the school library and bring up pictures of every celebrity in the world half-naked.

We may not have flying cars but this is a pretty good future.

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