US Women’s Soccer Hero Megan Rapinoe’s Entire Boob Fell Out at the ESPYs

I feel good and bad for the US Women’s Soccer team right now. They’ve been dominating the sport for a while now, which has made them pretty popular in the US, way more popular than the Men’s team, who are terrible. But the reason they’ve been so successful is that none of the countries that care about soccer have really built women’s programs, and they’re starting to. Once places like Brazil and England and Spain have real women’s soccer teams, it’s game over for US dominance and the popularity of the sport in the US.

But the women are champions and they should get to enjoy that. Team Captain Megan Rapinoe has been taking a well-deserved victory lap and enjoying the spotlight as of late. She courted some controversy by saying “New York City, you’re the motherfucking best!” at the parade for the victorious women which was broadcast on television, but she topped that at the ESPYs when she just let her entire breast fall out of her top.

Completely unphased, what a champ.

Rapinoe has no hang-ups with showing off her incredibly sculpted body to begin with, though. She was even in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

She and her partner Sue Bird also appeared nude on the cover of ESPN The Magazine.

Despite what I said earlier about the US women’s team’s days in the sun being limited, that’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Rapinoe and her teammates at the next World Cup.

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