It’s Winter in Australia but Georgia Gibbs is Bringing the Heat

Did you know that when it’s summer in the Northern, or “good” Hemisphere, it’s winter in the Southern, or “sinister” Hemisphere. I just don’t trust them, they’re clearly plotting something down there. I don’t know what, but I imagine something like Red Dawn but with kangaroos.

What that means is that it’s winter in Australia right now, and it can get pretty cold. As I’m writing this it went all the way down to 64 degrees Fahrenheit in Sydney, which is what my Australian girlfriend considers to be sweater weather.

Despite those freezing temperatures, Aussie model Georgia Gibbs is heating things up on her Instagram with some sexy summer snaps from the Northern Hemisphere.

Just imagine how bundled up she’d need to be if she was still in Australia. Fur coats aren’t cheap down there, they basically have to be stitched together from like a dozen koalas.

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