Model Georgia Fowler Explains How She Manages Her Cute New Haircut

I never really thought a bob could be a cute haircut. I mean, long hair is generally sexier than short hair, and the name “bob” just makes me think of a fat insurance salesman. At least a pixie cut sounds cuter.

But Georgia Fowler is making it work.

She even told Popsugar what she uses to style her new hairdo.

Fowler has been wearing a bob since June and has picked up some great tips for styling it. “The Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine is quite good for giving it a little messy texture without drying it out so much,” she said. “I love also just using a Kérastase hair mask. I often do it when I’m traveling.”

Whatever she’s doing, it works.

Or did you prefer her old hair style?

I think she looks good either way.

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