Cardi B is About to Bust Some 10-Year-Olds’ Heads Open

YouTube / Cardi B

Probably the most famous quote from The Wire is when Omar said “You come at the king, you best not miss.” It’s so famous I know it and I’ve never watched The Wire. “OH MY GOD, your eyes never seen The Wire? You have to see it, it’s so good!” Yeah, I know, shut up, that’s not the point.

The point is that this is a lesson that a group of little ten-year-old peckerwoods are about to learn after posting a dis track about Cardi that said, among other things, that she “belong[s] in a zoo.”

I was going to link to an Instagram post, but they’ve set their account to private after Cardi let it be known she’s not taking any s**t from these little clowns. They did, however post Cardi’s reaction, along with a clip, to their YouTube channel.

I feel like these little shits can’t take the heat they’re asking for by coming at the most successful female rapper of all time for clout. Cardi isn’t someone who fucks around.

One of the kids gave a statement to Page Six.

In the video, one of the kids — who go by the rap names Hollywood, Slim Z, Bonez McKoy and Mr. Great — dances around with a pillow shoved down his pants as a fake, oversize bottom.

Hollywood — who stepped out of an after-school club to speak with us, cautioning that the interview would have to be brief or his mom would start yelling — told us that they targeted Cardi in the track because “she’s been a bully” to other rappers in a number of songs. (He declined to specify whom, exactly.)

“We wanted to show Cardi B to not be a bully and give her a taste of her own medicine,” he said, adding that Cardi responding to the track “made us feel like we’d done our job.”

If your job was getting your ass kicked by a famous woman, then mission accomplished. I actually think the fact that Cardi didn’t straight-up murder these little crackers shows an amazing amount of restraint.

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Dill Dough
Dill Dough
3 years ago

They didn’t do anything wrong and Cardi sounded like an illiterate, back-alley prosty in her response. Proved their point on the spot. She’s basically a grotesque freak show/clown.

Realistically, she can’t do S**T to those kids.

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