Influencer Mikayla Saravia’s Gene Simmons Tongue Helps Her Bring in the Cash

Gene Simmons turned his freakishly long tongue into rock stardom as the bass player for KISS. You know, after he turned it into dates in high school. Mikayla Saravia is similarly endowed with what Simmons referred to as an “oral appendage” and she’s parlayed that to fame and success in the internet.

It’s pretty long. Lad Bible reported that she’s really bringing in the bacon, and that she “gets paid between $900 (£720) and $3,000 (£2,400) for sharing photos and videos of herself licking food items and/or twerking.” That’s a lot, and she apparently made around $100,000 so far this year.

She doesn’t even really need the tongue, but it’s nice to have a gimmick.

Okay, that’s a little weird. But like Gene Simmons, Mikayla is kind of a nerd too, saying she’s interested in anime and comic books. Simmons is also a comic book and science fiction fan.

Like a tomato, a cucumber is biologically a fruit and culinarily a vegetable.

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