Joe Manganiello Smacks Down Pro Wrestler MJF on Twitter

I haven’t watched pro wrestling in a long time, but I always appreciated a good heel. And I’ve discovered that AEW wrestler Maxwell Jacob Friedman, or MJF, might be the best heel. Well, Ric Flair is the best heel but he’s retired and in no shape to get back in the ring, but MJF may be the best heel today.

Just reading this guy’s Twitter feed made me angry until I remembered he’s a pro wrestler and this is his gimmick.

But apparently there’s a line you don’t cross on the internet, and that line is Dungeons and Dragons.

I mean, he didn’t get ratioed, but that’s a lot of comments, most of them angry, and none of them better than this one.

Kudos for MJF for staying in character even in the face of those abs.

He is seriously funny, though.

And he calls his penis “The Maximum Ride.”

I’m kind of jealous of that nickname, my girlfriend told me just today that under no circumstance am I to refer to my balls as “the cum factory” and warn her that there’s about to be a massive explosion.

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