Man Finally Explains Why He Was Doing Math at the 88Rising Festival

Head In The Clouds was a festival put on by 88Rising back in mid-August. The festival featured most of the artists from 88Rising label which, if you don’t know, are mostly Asian artists. Now, an alarming video has emerged from the festival of one man doing lots of drugs. Just kidding, he was doing math. Lots of math.

Asians. Math. Ugh, low hanging fruit. But the question remains. Why the f**k was someone doing math at a music festival? And what were those numbers he was entering? Was it his homework? A cryptographic signal? Random numbers from someone high on… life?

Nah. Someone found him and asked him what was up. Turns out it was him stressing over how much he spent on tickets.

1800 was the money in his checking account. 130 was the amount he spent on tickets. 10% was what he had left to spend. The 1503 was what would be transferred to his savings. So there you go. Mystery solved. You were just watching a man at a music festival being very fiscally responsible.

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