T.J. Miller is Now Available for Birthday Parties

T.J. Miller might be one of the most talented comedic actors of his generation. The problem is he’s a terror to work with, which is sometimes a worthwhile trade-off. Of course, if he was a woman he could have gotten this same reputation by not fucking Harvey Weinstein.

Miller was cancelled for an incident that was either Miller getting rough with a woman during sex like twenty years ago or a woman wanting T.J. Miller’s dick so bad she’s still after it 20 years later, depending on who you ask. I’m honestly sure which one of those things is more unlikely to be entirely honest.

Miller’s cancellation didn’t last, though, and he’s out doing stand-up. Page Six reports it’s going so well he’s even broken into the lucrative field of being a birthday entertainer.

When a patron approached Miller to say he was having a big birthday bash in a private room and wondered whether the comic would pose for a pic, Miller asked Gurian: “Do you think I should go for eight?”

Miller then quickly interviewed guests of the birthday boy, and “T.J. — who is a master at improv — took that material and went up and did a completely improvised set about the guy and blew everyone away,” Gurian marveled. “Especially the birthday boy himself could not believe that T.J. Miller was performing at his party.”

Okay, I was kind of being shitty and Miller just did something nice for a guy at random after doing seven other sets that night.

And Miller does an insane amount of work when he does stand-up, saying he can do upwards of 10 10-12 minute sets at different venues in a single night. He was in a Spielberg movie. I mean, not a good one, but the kid from AI isn’t running around hitting comedy clubs either. He’s too busy not getting kicked off of Silicon Valley.

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