Jared Padalecki Arrested After Drunkenly Punching a Bartender

Supernatural, the longest-running show on the CW, is ending this season. But even though there’s probably like 15 episodes left to film, series star Jared Padalecki is already acting like has-been and assaulting bartenders.

TMZ reported that the actor was picked up by police outside an Austin club that he frequents and might even own.

That’s a classy move right there. Make sure they take you to the VIP drunk tank. Of course it’s Austin so they probably actually do have a VIP drunk tank.

Very strong “Do you know who I am?” vibes from this. But also very strong “because I don’t” vibes.

TMZ also reported Padalecki was charged with two counts of assault and one of public intoxication.

Because I’ve never watched Supernatural, I had to do a quick search on social media to get a feel for the plot of the show from the fans for this piece. Apparently it’s about two brothers who know about ghosts and have a lot of sex with each other. I don’t know how this show made it to air, especially on network television. Seriously, it’s just wall to wall gay incest. That’s probably enough to make anyone drink.

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4 years ago

Are you f****** kidding me ?
Are you seriously ?
I don’t want Stick up Jared because he was wrong
You are an idiot if you think Supernatural talking about incest! is a beautiful show !
Before writing some bullshit male researches must tops