Amber Liu Apologizes Before She Gets Canceled

Amber Liu expressed some thoughts recently and boy, did the Internet rip her a new one. A week ago, police up in Northern California detained a guy for eating a sandwich on a subway platform.

They eventually handcuffed, detained and cited the sandwich eater before releasing him. From the video, it seems like his “crime” was eating on the platform.

Well, on the JK News YouTube channel, a roundtable that discusses current news, Liu said the guy deserved it.

I think he just fucking deserved it, because dude he’s being super disrespectful, it’s like you don’t have to act like that towards a police officer. A police officer is a police officer, you should still show some type of respect. Know your rights but show some type of respect.

People weren’t having it.

That torrent of reaction forced her to come out, apologize and plead ignorance, explaining she’s been overseas for 10 years and hasn’t caught up on how bad systemic racism has gotten in America.

“I am so sorry. I saw a video clip, made an ignorant, snap judgement, and I majorly messed up. It was my fault for not being more aware of how systematic racism in the United States has continued and gotten worse while I spent the last 10 years overseas. I 100% do not stand for racism and discrimination. It angers me that he was singled out because of the color of his skin. It is completely unjust and I am so sorry for not seeing the whole situation and jumping to a conclusion…I’m so sorry I’ve negatively affected so many people because of my ignorance and I will continue to educate myself in the matter.”

That apology seems sincere. But sincerity isn’t enough in today’s culture. You get CANCELED for any missteps.

I’ve followed Amber Liu only a little. From what I seen though, she’s sincere in who she is and this apology is genuine. If she’s out there continually trying to educate herself, there’s no need to pile on and hate. Not everybody can be as woke as these people on Twitter.

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4 years ago

She was right. The cop haters were wrong. Because the cop haters are irrational, and she actually made an argument based on reason. And Twitter won’t allow that.