Offset Had to Hold Cardi B’s Boob in at The Grammys

I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed this, but Cardi B has some really big boobs. They’re not the biggest breasts I’ve ever seen, but I feel like they  are absolutely above average. Yeah, this isn’t Jezebel, strap in, we’re talking about boobs.

The problem with having boobs as large as Cardi’s is that it makes wearing a plunging neckline more difficult, especially when that neckline is plunging down almost to your vagina, because it means your boobs could just spill out at any moment. Which is exactly what nearly happened to Cardi at a party before last night’s Grammy awards.

Luckily Offset was there to grab her boob and keep it in place. I mean, lucky for her, not so much us.

“Babe my titties keep poppin out” might be the best caption to an Instagram post ever.

I like the dress it she traded it for something she was less likely to fall out of for the actual ceremony.

And afterwards she made this post on Twitter, seemingly in reference to the tragic death of Kobe Bryant.

Yeah, I get it.

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