See The Hilarious Revenge This Woman Got on the Guy Who Called Her Fat on a Dating App

About a decade ago, pick-up artists and the self-help books they were invariably selling were all the rage on the internet with guys who couldn’t get laid. There was even The Pick Up Artist, a competition reality show about a guy in the dumbest hat ever worn by a human being teaching guys how to get laid.

Perhaps the one idea to penetrate the cultural zeitgeist from this period was the idea of “negging,” or insulting a woman to disarm her and get her attention to make yourself stand out. The thing about this technique is that it works, guys know it works and most of them are just absolutely terrible at it.

Which brings us to our topic, a viral Tweet that started with an attempt at negging gone wrong. The tweet was unfortunately deleted for containing person information but not before getting hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.

So the first thing to know about negging is that “hey fatass” isn’t doing it right. Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t be able to get in this girl’s pants after that line. You want to do it right, you pick something small and cute and you tease her playful. Just saying “You got fat” is just going to piss her off.

And that brings us to the punchline, she asks this guy to get her some Sour Patch Kids and then sends him to an address that’s nowhere near where she is and ghosts him.

Amazing. And you can’t say he didn’t have it coming, even if leaving his phone number in the pictures was a mistake.

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