Brace Yourself for the ‘Break My Stride’ Tik Tok Challenge

To understand the latest ridiculous internet challenge, you’ll first need a little back story. Way back in 1983, a guy named Mathew Wilder released a catchy tune with silly lyrics called Break My Stride, then disappeared from the spotlight. Now those lyrics are being used to troll unsuspecting victims in a new viral Tik Tok challenge.

The song starts, “Last night, I had the strangest dream.” Nothing too out of the ordinary there. Then it gets a little weirder with, “I sailed away to China, in a little rowboat to find ya.” The next line is where things get weird. “You said you had to get your laundry cleaned.” The challenge is to text someone the lyrics to the song one line at a time until they either catch on or stop talking to you, then you record your reaction to the conversation on Tik Tok.

The reactions to this harmless challenge have been pretty wholesome for the most part, with most people believing that they were the subject of a Chinese laundry dream for a short period. A lot of people get to the catchy “Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride” chorus before they figure out what’s going on. The best reactions are when the text recipient is immediately in on the joke. As far as challenges go, this one is pretty tame, but it still has a little entertainment value.

As for Wilder, he has done alright for himself behind the scenes as a producer and voice actor. No one has yet recorded themselves doing the challenge to Wilder or vice versa. It would be awesome to see what the singer has to say about his one-hit-wonder getting another 15 minutes of fame in 2020. Like most challenges, this one will probably die sooner than later, but it’ll be fun while it lasts.

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