Mike Bloomberg Was Super Proud of Getting His 16-Year-Old Daughter Laid All Over China

When you run for President, it’s pretty likely that all the skeletons in your closet will come out. Sometimes, like Bernie Sanders, your opponents will spend half a decade claiming you haven’t been properly better because no matter how much they dig into your past, the worst thing they find is that you were poor and didn’t support CIA death squads, Other times, like Donald Trump, it comes out that you were friends with an infamous pedophile sex trafficker, have been accused of sexual misconduct by scores of women and are constantly talking about how much you want to f**k your own daughter in old interviews. It turns out that Mike Bloomberg is very much the second kind of politician.

You can see for yourself what Bloomberg said in a 1999 Wired article profiling him all the way back when he was just ruining the news as opposed to New York City and potentially the country.

“My daughter is tall and busty and blonde,” Michael Bloomberg is telling a table of Boston College graduates. “We went to China together. And what’s a 16-year-old going to do on a business trip?” He pops another carefully buttered piece of bread in his mouth. “So I got her dates in every city in China.” Remembering that I’m also at the table, he glares in my direction. “That’s off the record!” he barks. It’s typical Mike Bloomberg, wanting to have it both ways: imperious man of the people, coarse billionaire, earthy business leader, accessible control freak.

What is it with these billionaires who were in Jeffery Epstein’s black book and talking about how fuckable their daughters are. Is that just the only depraved thing you can’t actually get away with when you have that ungodly amount of money?

Some people are so irrationally afraid of Donald Trump that they’re willing to elect a guy who is just like him but in a different hat, right down to the creepy comments about his daughter.

Donald Trump is going to absolutely eviscerate this guy if he convinces the DNC to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders, and this Wired article illustrates one of the reasons. It describes Bloomberg as being “a trim 5’9”.” Bloomberg currently lists his height as 5’8”, but he was positioned next to Elizabeth Warren at the Nevada debate this past Wednesday and when she was eviscerating him over the sexual harassment complaints files against him, you could tell he was several inches shorter than the 5’8” Warren. This is a dude who is probably 5’6” and really self-conscious about it, and Donald Trump has already figured that out.

I mean, I’m no fan of Donald Trump, but these are some of the best tweets anyone has ever made on Twitter (non-dril division).

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3 years ago

The DNC is never gonna let Bernie get the Nom. And why should they? He isn’t a Democrat, so why let a Socialist win your nomination? They never should have let him run in their party to begin with. Plus, his socialist policies simply can’t happen because his math does not work. So he doesn’t even try to explain it, just preaches pie in the sky nonsense on the dumb millennials eat it up because they suck at real world stuff like math too. Bloomberg got issues, but at least he is an actual Democrat. And a successful one at… Read more »