Denise Richards Doesn’t Want her Daughters With Charlie Sheen to Date Guys Like Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards wants the daughters she had with Charlie Sheen to have a good relationship with him because she’s afraid if they don’t, they might grow up to be the kinds of people who would date someone like Charlie Sheen.

Here’s what she said about her famous ex on Real Housewives, via Page Six.

“Even though he’s Charlie Sheen, that is still, to them, their dad,” she continued, alluding to his very public history with drugs, partying and women. “I never talk badly about him and I want him to be part of their lives because I met a lot of the women that Charlie entertained and a lot of them had father-daughter issues. And I do not want that to be our girls.”

Yeah, haha, those poor dumb girls who spent the night with the man I was married to for five years, I don’t want my daughters to turn out like them. I feel like the last person in the world to take advice on how to not f**k Charlie Sheen is Denise Richards.

“There’s a lot that the kids don’t know about their dad, and I want to keep it that way,” Richards said during a confessional on Wednesday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Are her kids too dumb to use Google? Have none of their friends mentioned the whole tiger blood thing? The younger of the two is a teenager, they never caught a tabloid headline about their dad? I just don’t see how this adds up

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