Caitlyn Jenner Has Some Boundary Issues With Manager Sophia Hutchins

As soon as I found out that Caitlyn Jenner and her manager Sophia Hutchins weren’t sleeping together, I found their relationship deeply disturbing. Like, it’s one thing to sleep with someone a third your age, we all want to do that at Caitlyn’s age but their weird platonic roommate arrangement makes no sense to me.

Page Six reports that it gets even weirder with Hutchins relaying a story of Caitlyn barging in to break up a hookup Hutchins was in the middle of.

“We had to put a lock on my door because Caitlyn decided to barge into my room while I had a friend over,” Hutchins, Jenner’s manager, recently revealed on Heather McDonald’s podcast “Juicy Scoop,”adding, “[Jenner] kind of saw a lot of things happening.”

Hutchins explained that there were downsides to living in and working out of the 70-year-old TV personality’s home.

“It’s kind of like living with your parents and I’m like oh, this might be a turning point where I might need to move out,” she said, adding that Jenner “knew he was there.”

That is 100% the behavior of someone who wants to have sex with you, right? I can’t think of another reason.

“It was never romantic. Never sexual. It was very much friends but I understand why people perceived it that way. We never addressed it and that was part of the problem,” Hutchins said. “It’s more parental. I date guys. And Caitlyn’s like, I gotta sign off on him. It’s very parental, very protective. We’re family. It’s an interesting family situation. All of my family is.”

Hutchins moved into Jenner’s home in 2017.

I feel bad for Jenner. She was on a Wheaties box for Christ’s sake, she’s an American hero. She deserves better than having to pretend to not want to sleep this woman she so clearly wants to sleep with.

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