‘Harry Potter’ Writer JK Rowling Just Can’t Stop Liking Transphobic Tweets

If there are two things JK Rowling loves to do, it’s add diverse characters who were just off camera to her extremely white and straight children’s book series and like transphobic posts on Twitter. She also likes to lie about politicians being antisemitic because she doesn’t want them to raise her taxes to pay for hospitals, but this isn’t that kind of post.

In 2018 when people pointed out Rowling was liking transphobic tweets and her PR people tried to cover by saying she had a “middle-aged moment” and had accidentally like the post calling trans women “men in dresses” while scrolling past it.

That story kind of went out the window when she took to Twitter to defend another transphobe by saying “sex is real,” implying she doesn’t consider trans women to be women.

That’s harder to walk back, she didn’t accidentally type that herself. That’s way more than one button press.

I regret to inform you Jo is once again back on her bullshit.

It started when she liked a tweet about there being “two and only two immutable sexes” from someone desperate to slip some transphobic rhetoric into every conversation.

Can you imagine interacting with someone who does s**t like socially? “Thanks for the reminder you’re a huge piece of s**t, Helen, but we were actually just wondering how you wanted your steak cooked? Apparently you want a huge bowl of dumb bitch sauce on the side, though, I guess.” Utterly exhausting.

I mean, if you’re a fan of JK Rowling and this upsets you… that’s fine, you shouldn’t stop enjoying the things you like because the person who made them is a piece of s**t. Bill Cosby was a funny stand-up, O.J. Simpson was a great running back, Roman Polanski made some great movies and who doesn’t love Tom Hanks?

Just be glad you’re not a Father Ted fan, one of the guys who created that spends way too much time on Twitter just talking about how he thinks trans women are men to the point that his brother in-law strongly implied his wife left him over it.

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3 years ago

Just because you come up with a term and label the truth “transphobic” does not
make you correct. The vast majority of people disagree with this nonsense. You are
denying science and are equivalent to “flat earthers”, just ruder.

3 years ago

I wish people would stop saying ‘trans’ like that tells us something. Are you talking about transvestites (cross-dressers,) transsexuals (people who live as the opposite to their birth gender) or post-operative transsexuals (people who have had gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy)? These are three VERY different situations. Yet people choose to blanket them all with the same term. The first group are playing pretend. The second group are lying about who/what they are. the third group are trying to change their reality. I know these are pretty sweeping generalisations, but they are GENERALLY true in the majority of cases.… Read more »

3 years ago

whats wrong with Tom Hanks?