Now Disney is Going to Try Letting Taika Waititi Direct a ‘Star Wars’ Film Because F**k It, I Guess


How long can a movie franchise exist entirely on good will left over from when it was actually good even though it sucks now? At least 40 years considering there hasn’t been a good Star Wars movie since 1980 and yet people keep paying to see them, even when they’re directed by Rian Johnson.

I kid, Rian Johnson has made some really good movies. None of them were Star Wars movies, but they were good.

Since Disney is clearly I the “let’s throw s**t at the wall and hope something sticks phase of Star Wars, they’re giving a film to Taika Waititi to direct, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

No release date has been set for the project, which was announced on to coincide with May the Fourth, the unofficial holiday celebrating all things Star Wars. Waititi, who won a screenwriting Oscar for Jojo Rabbit, has a full schedule. He has already shot the upcoming Searchlight Pictures soccer film Next Goal Wins and has Ragnarok follow-up Thor: Love and Thunder due out Feb. 11, 2022. He cut his teeth in the Star Wars world by directing the season one finale of Disney+’s The Mandalorian and voicing the droid IG-11.

Now, Waititi did a great job on The Mandalorian but Star Wars isn’t exactly what we want to see from him.

I know Marvel has convinced Disney that putting quirky indie directors, including Waititi, in charge of tentpole franchise films is a good idea but Marvel has a  strong vision at the top that has chased directors like Edgar Wright off of projects entirely. No one who watched the Disney Star Wars movies thinks that Disney has a strong vision or really anyone with any kind of vision in charge. Every movie just threw out everything from the movies before it?

There’s a new series of What We Do in the Shadows right now if you want to see something Taika Waititi has done that’s actually good, and Mark Hammill is in it so you can close your eyes and pretend it’s Star Wars. You know, except for the fact it’s actually good.

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3 years ago

This guy sucks. Thor sucked, but Thor Ragnarok was a steaming pile of dogshit. You could go to any kindergarten on Earth, grab a random toddler, and get them to direct for the MCU, and you would have the top grossing movie of the year – and probably something better than Taika Waititi could make.