Jenna Marbles Quit YouTube Because She Used to be Racist

YouTube / Jenna Marbles

At the rate we’re canceling things for having been racist at some point there’s not actually going to be any television left to watch. I don’t ‘now how no one has come for Curb Your Enthusiasm, I just saw an episode where Larry said the n-word.

The latest entertainer to banish themself for having once been racist is YouTuber Jenna Marbles, who announced she was leaving YouTube and deleting some old, racist videos in, what else, a YouTube video.

This is basically just chapter one million of white people not getting it.

Jenna Marbles not making YouTube videos isn’t going to solve racism. It’s not platforming black voices. I can assure no one is watching Jenna Marbles videos in the time they would otherwise be spending reading Angela Davis books.

I get that she feels bad and wants to have people tell her what a good person she is, but maybe don’t make things all about you. JonTron has been able to not make YouTube videos for years at a time and never once made a video about how he was leaving YouTube.

A quick Google search tells me that Marbles has a net worth of eight million dollars, so she is sacrificing absolutely nothing here. If you have a job that pays $50,000 a year, Marbles has made more than twice what you’re going to make in your entire life.

Really, the only thing this accomplishes is her fans will have to find something else to watch instead of her videos, and if I know YouTube algorithms it’s probably going to convert a sizable number of them to white nationalism. Yeah, I’d wager that algorithm was designed by the klan except it actually works. Seriously, just looking for this video has replaced my normal suggestions of cooking videos and Simpsons trivia with YouTube drama videos. I click on two or three of those and bam, it’s “The Problem With Black People (It’s Their Skin Color)” by someone with a Greek statue of an anime character for an avatar.

But, you know, Jenna got people to tell her she’s brave.

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