Donald Trump’s Enemies List Allegedly Just Women Who Wouldn’t Have Sex With Him

Richard Nixon rather famously had an enemies list, which was mostly politicians and activists but also included Paul Newman. That’s right, Tricky Dick was spending his last days in office plotting to get back at Butch Cassidy, probably by telling him his salad dressing sucks.

Donald Trump’s niece is writing a tell-all book about the President and she alleges that he has a similar list, but his is comprised of women who wouldn’t sleep with him. I’ll bet his list is a lot longer, Nixon’s only had 20 names on it.

InStyle had the relevant excerpt from the book, which the president maintains is full of falsehoods.

“One night, as I sat at home trying to figure out how to piece together something vaguely interesting out of the uninteresting documents I’d been poring over,” Mary writes,  she got a message from Donald’s assistant that he’d be sending pages over soon. “‘I’ve been working on material for the book. It’s really good,’” Mary remembers Donald telling her over the phone.

But when Mary opened the folder containing a 10-page transcript of a recording Donald had made, she realized it wasn’t about business. “It was an aggrieved compendium of women he had expected to date but who, having refused him, were suddenly the worst, ugliest and fattest slobs he’d ever met,” Mary writes. “The biggest takeaways were that Madonna chewed gum in a way Donald found unattractive, and that Katarina Witt, a German Olympic figure skater who had won two gold medals and four world championships, had big calves. I stopped asking him for an interview.”

She also said Donald ogled her at Mar-A-Lago once when he was married to Marla Maples.

“Donald, who was wearing golf clothes, looked up at me as I approached as if he’d never really seen me before. ‘Holy s**t, Mary. You’re stacked.’ ‘Donald!’ Marla said in mock horror, slapping him lightly on the arm. I was 29 and not easily embarrassed, but my face reddened, and I suddenly felt self-conscious.”

I mean, I can believe it, have you seen the way he looks at Ivanka?

But seriously, his list of women who rejected him is 10 pages long. That’s seriously embarrassing.

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