Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly on Suicide Watch, May Be Transferred to Same Facility Jeffrey Epstein ‘Killed Himself’ In

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Here we go again.

Pedophile pimp to the rich and famous Jeffrey Epstein’s gal Friday Ghislaine Maxwell was recently picked up by the authorities for, well, being Jeffrey Epstein’s gal Friday. Epstein famously “killed himself” before he could name all the rich and powerful people he trafficked children to for sex, something so predictable I made a joke about Maxwell “killing herself” in the headline to our story about it.

Now The Sun is reporting that, yup, Maxwell is on suicide watch.

A prison source said: “Given the death of Jeffrey Epstein in jail, everybody is obviously concerned about making sure nothing happens to Ghislaine Maxwell.

“Her security is a top priority. The case is being handled extremely sensitively.”

Hunh, you think something might happen to her? She’s probably suicidal, just like Epstein.

A British woman — thought to be Maxwell — was heard sobbing from jail before her court appearance on Thursday.

She was heard saying: “What the f* is going on… Seriously, what the f*?”

I’m convinced.

But I’m sure she’ll be monitored much better than Epstein was, after all, she’ll be in… the exact same detention facility?

Yes, Gothamist reports that Maxwell could very well be moved to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan when she’s transferred to New York to await trial, the very same facility Epstein “killed himself” in by kneeling down hard enough to break his neck in several places.

Come on, it’s like they’re not even trying. If this was a movie and this happened you would go “what the f**k,” walk out and demand your money back because of how poorly written and insulting to your intelligence it is.

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