Someone Knifed Spencer Grammer, The Second Best Grammer

Adult Swim / Rick & Morty

Spencer Grammer is precious and we have to protect her. I didn’t realize this was a pressing issue, but the Associated Press reports someone came at her with a knife during an altercation.

Grammer, 36, told US Weekly that she and her friend “did what anyone else would do in the same situation” and were “attempting to prevent the altercation from escalating” when they were attacked.

Grammer and her 32-year-old friend were eating at an outside table at The Black Ant in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood around 11:30 p.m. Friday when the man ambled up and demanded to be served as the restaurant was closing down.

Grammer and her friend were hurt as they “attempted to break up a dispute between the unidentified male and other patrons at the location,” police said.
Kelsey raised his daughter right. If I’m in a restaurant and someone has a weapon I am looking for the best way out without getting stabbed or shot and I am almost an entire foot taller than Spencer Grammer.
Grammer was slashed by the armed man and her friend was stabbed.
Grammer plays Summer Smith on Rick and Morty, who is Morty’s sister, Rick’s granddaughter and the best character on the show.
Luckily it seems she was not seriously hurt, both Grammer and her friend are recovering and their wounds were minor, with both of them avoiding serious internal injuries.
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