Ellen DeGeneres Quitting Her Show Because People Realize She’s a Horrible Human Being

Ellen DeGeneres has had enough of you calling her out on her bad behavior and employing alleged sexual predators. Daily Mail reports that DeGeneres is going to end her show. So WarnerMedia can take their current investigation of her show and shove it up their ass. Probably Ellen’s words, definitely not mine.

An anonymous “insider” at the show said to Daily Mail:

“She feels she can”t go on and the only way to recover her personal brand from this is to shut down the show.”

Perhaps her new brand can be insufferable mean person. The insider also disputes DeGeneres” claims she knew nothing about what was going on at her show.

“The truth is she knew what was going on, it’s her show. The buck stops with her. She can blame every executive under the sun – but Ellen is ultimately the one to blame.”

Daily Mail had multiple, anonymous staff giving great quotes about Ellen. Among their best quotes:

“Don’t think for a minute anything she has said in that apology means anything. She created and then enabled this toxic culture to go on for so long.”

“If anyone had come to her or those three vile [executive producers] to complain, they would’ve been fired.”

“Inside Telepictures we’ve had enough of her. She is a phony who does not practice what she preaches.”

“The behavior of her show executives has been appalling, but [Ellen] is no better. In fact, she is the worst. It’s outrageous that she is trying to pretend that this is all a shock to her. The fish rots from the head, and Ellen is the head.”

I love that one. Ellen is a rotting fish head. Haha.

[Ellen] “hates coming to work”, “struggles to be nice to people and has utter contempt for her audience.”

“She has been phoning it in for so long, and only staying for the money and celebrity it affords her.”

“We’ve dealt with her BS for so many years, she’s not innocent at all, she’s not nice and the show is not filled with happiness.”

“She’s only addressing this now because the publicity is so bad for her and her BS brand of happiness and kindness. Ellen can throw everyone else under the bus, but the buck stops with her.”

Shocked to learn that this show is a fraud. You mean all that dancing wasn’t sincere? I need a new hero.

“Don’t think for a second that there won’t be a witch hunt to find out who went public with the worst kept secret in television. Ellen is mean. She’ll want vengeance for all of this coming out.”

“She kept herself isolated from the staff. You can’t go up and talk to her, heck, you can’t even get within a mile of her on the lot,”

“Warner Bros should cancel our show or swap her out for a fun celebrity host. Viewers have been fed lies for years. The Ellen you see on TV is disingenuous and inauthentic. She’s a horrible person who has done nothing to support 99% of the people who work for her.

“Yet they won’t cancel it as all they care about is money and the show is a cash cow.

“It’s time for Ellen to leave TV. She’s done enough damage. They should replace her with someone wonderful like Jen Aniston. She’s always a dream when she comes by – gracious, kind and funny and we’re actually allowed to look her in the eyes!!”

I need a random tweet generator to tweet anonymous quotes about Ellen every day. Also, I would love to see Jennifer Aniston on TV again.

Ellen DeGeneres sounds like a real winner. It makes me wonder how Portia de Rossi manages staying with her. My guess is $$$.

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