Sounds Like Megan Thee Stallion is Done Protecting Tory Lanez After he Allegedly Shot Her

Megan Thee Stallion got shot in the feet. I know that sounds bad, but keep in mind that it’s actually Joe Biden’s entire police reform plan. Megan had also remained pretty tight-lipped about who did it, despite rumors that Tory Lanez had pulled the trigger after he was arrested for possession of a concealed firearm.

Megan is not keeping quiet anymore though, and Megan said that Lanez is the one who shot her on an Instagram Live stream a few days ago, claiming it was because Lanez had been lying.

Page Six has some details from an insider close to Megan that shed some light on what was behind the sudden change from the singer.

A source said, “Megan wasn’t going to name names, she wasn’t going to go there — she wasn’t planning on talking to police. She was protecting herself. People in her camp and in Tory’s camp shut everyone down so fast you could barely blink. But there were lies that were being spread and she wasn’t going to stand for it.” The source said she was upset by claims that she’d faked her injuries.

Ain’t that some s**t? You shoot someone in the feet and they don’t even point the finger at you, so you start telling people she faked it even though the police showed up in response to the gunshots and you got busted with a weapon?

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