Jason Momoa Accuses Warner of Making Up a ‘Frosty’ Movie to Distract From What an Asshole Joss Whedon was on ‘Justice League’

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How relieved do you think Ellen DeGeneres is every time a story comes out about what a dick Joss Whedon is? It just has to be like Christmas for her every time she hears “what an asshole” said about someone other than herself.

Jason Momoa made an interesting Instagram post today seemingly accusing Warner Brothers of making up a fake Frosty the Snowman movie starring him and leaking it to the trades to distract from Ray Fisher’s accusations of mistreatment by Warner and Whedon.

One thing that stands out here is that Momoa says “the shitty way we were treated on Justice League reshoots.” Fisher’s castmates have been supportive of him while not saying anything that would put them in a bad position or violate their contracts with Warner Brothers, but Momoa just backed up everything Fisher said before, which I really didn’t have any doubt about.

The Frosty thing is absolutely crazy, though. This is a story reported in the trades in early July and he says that movie doesn’t exist, or at least that he’s not involved with it. That is crazy to me. They really made up a whole movie out of thin air to push Joss Whedon to be an asshole out of the news. That’s sociopathic.

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